Dynavap "M" Vaporizer



Terpene Central is the first official retailer for Dynavap in India and brings you the latest lifestyle products and dry herb vaporizers from the finest brands. Make the switch from smoking to thermal extraction Today !

DynaVap’s thermal extraction technology is battery-free and superior to other conventional vaporizers. These devices are built either from medical grade stainless steel/titanium and with the lack of an internal battery these things are built to last forever.For heating your Dynavap you can use multiple options from a torch lighter, induction heaters, or even a candle flame. 

Not just this, we also offer dry herb vaporizers and smoking accesories in India from world renowned brands like Storz & Bickel, DaVinci, Elev8, Ispire and many more


Terpene Central presents you with the best alternative to live a smoke-free, healthier life. Use Thermal Extraction Devices to vaporize your herbs. It ensures optimal extraction of material and in a more efficient and discrete way compared to smoking.

Why is thermal extraction better than smoking?

Thermal extraction or dry herb vaping is a subtle act of heating dried herbs to leave a pleasurable experience while also being a healthier alternative to smoking. it is a safer mechanism to heat the material which releases the active components in the form of steam to be inhaled. Dry Herb Vaporizers do not leave any harmful residue in the user’s lungs, eases breathing, and does not affect people surrounding them. This contributes to the growing popularity of dry herb vaporizers or aromatherapy devices in India.

Thermally Extracting the herbs at an appropriate temperature ensures efficient extraction of the terpenes from the herbs. Smoking burns the material which destroys many terpenes due to the extreme temperatures and also produces cancer-causing carcinogens.  

Dry Herb Vaporizers can extract a lot more terpenes from the same amount of plant material by not combusting the herbs, that is you will use less herbs to get the same desired effect.

The scent of smoking and how it lingers long after the session is well known to everybody. You don’t have to worry about the smell when using a vaporizer because it gets cleared immediately with a little breeze of fresh air.

If you want your dry herb intake to be healthy, efficient, and discreet, a dry herb vaporizer or thermal extraction device is the way to go.

Dry Herb vaporizers don’t produce an odour unlike smoking and are less harsh on the user’s throat as essentially the user is just inhaling steam.

What can a Dry herb vaporizer be used with ?

Dry herb vaporizers are made to be used with natural dried herbs like Chamomile,Lavender,Blue Lotus, Mint,Lemongrass etc.

They can also be used for concentrates, oils, and extracts.

Dry Herb Vaporizers - Now available in India!

Terpene central is the official retailer for Dynavap, Arizer, Storz & Bickel, Ispire and DaVinci in India and brings you the latest products from an array of aromatherapy, dry herb vapes and lifestyle brands available at your doorstep. Our dedicated service and prompt response will help you select the perfect dry herb vaporizer for your need and budget. Make the switch from smoking to thermal extraction with Dynavap and Terpene Central today.

Thermal extraction, in general does not have any major side effects on people and it is a healthier option than smoking,