VapCap “M” As Golf Tee

We headed to the backyard of DynaVap Headquarters to see if the 2020 “M” would work as a golf tee.

as a tee

After a direct hit with a golf ball on top, it appears the 2020 “M” was still in usable condition.

VapCap “M” As A Golf Ball

After losing our ball in the woods, we tried substituting a golf ball with the 2020 “M”. Following this experiment, we noticed that the golf club seemed to take more damage than the “M”.

as a golf ball

Several VapCaps In A Titanium Fire

Next, we took some of the titanium scrap we had laying around the shop and threw some VapCaps in before lighting it all on fire.

fire contents

Here is what we were able to throw into the titanium scrap:


  • 2020 “M” (all stainless steel)
  • Darkwood HydraVonG (wood stem, titanium tip)
  • Omni stem (titanium)
  • Lightwood HydraVong (wood stem, titanium tip)
  • Gray BB9
  • RosiuM (heat-treated 2019 M)
  • PhantoM (heat-treated 2019 M)
  • C-Vap (misc heat-treated M parts)


Our high-temperature O-rings are rated to withstand a consistent temperature of 415 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this fire was upwards of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit… so we didn’t expect to find any O-rings left at the end.

Our titanium fire got so hot at one point that you could see white heat in the flame which indicates that the fire was about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

titanium fire ball

Once the fire cooled down, we were able to find the BB9 glass piece completely intact and the titanium Omni stem covered in white, as well as a few “M”s. We’ll take a close look at how exactly they faired in a little bit…

2020 “M” In A Rocket

Next, we wanted to see what would happen if we launched a 2020 “M” into the air inside of a model rocket. We packed our parachute, held up a flag to gauge the wind direction, and hit the launch button… 

no parachute

But the parachute didn’t deploy and the rocket is still missing in action.

2020 “M” And Explosives

George managed to get in some exercise for this one! We packed a wood box full of explosives, strapped in a brand new 2020 “M” and lit the fuse. (George lit the fuse, the rest of us were far away)

george running

George ran for cover and shortly after, we experienced a series of explosions, flashes, colors, and loud booms. When the smoke cleared, we found a very dirty (and smoking) 2020 “M”.


How Much Destruction Can The VapCap Handle?

Upon closer inspection, the two 2020 “M”s we used in the golf experiment took some visible damage. For the “M” we used as a tee, the tip was bend and for the "M" we used as a golf ball, the mouthpiece was dented. However, both are still probably functional devices.

tee results

While we’re sure it would have survived, the model rocket and it’s “M” are still missing in action.

The explosion experiment left a layer of metal oxide and ash on the surface of our “M”, which was starting to fall off as George rubbed his gloved finger over it.

explosion results

We inspected the pile of burnt VapCaps from the titanium fire last.

We found that all the devices are cleanable and functional after the fact. The only things that will need be replaced are the most vulnerable components of the device: The Cap, the CCD, and the O-rings.

fire results

In Conclusion

The DynaVap “M” thermal extraction device may not be indestructible, but it can certainly take some significant abuse

It can take a beating from a titanium golf club, it can survive some colorful explosives, and maybe even survive a ride in a model rocket. 

But extreme temperatures will damage the O-rings and permanently decalibrate The Cap.

And it turns out you can damage the tip as well... if you’re trying to (in our golf experiment).

3 most vulnerable



What kind of abuse have you put your VapCap through? I hope it was accidental.

What destructive tests would you like to see us do next? Let us know in the comments below and PLEASE, leave those dangerous experiments to us!