Terpy Blogs : Volume 1

Terpy Blogs : Volume 1

Terpy Blogs: Volume 1


Chapter 1


You Care When You TED!


Of Course, if you didn't come across this before, let's get you on the right track. 

Whether you just went bonkers over that mind bending TED video or you make sure that you end up TEDing a micro bowl each day .. 

This blog will show you “How you are amongst those who actually care about our Social Responsibilities and make an effort to create a better and Healthier World"


It's no surprise that we are living in an age that has had such an incredible post pandemic playout.  So has the concern about how we can find out ways to better protect ourselves, to be able to defend us from the threats we face, each day. There have and will always be new innovation that will pave the way for the modern world to set foot onto. Advancements in the field of science and research, are discovering  newer connections, between how massively we are interwoven, deep within the fabric of nature,, the universe and our divine physiology, By dwelling into the synergies, that have always been a part of our biology and evolution and how we humans, have got to where we are today.


How we choose to move on, from here, shows how much we care, that is where us TED heads come along. By choosing not to follow the old irrelevant, we choose to rise above and embrace the change, the shift, happens not outside, but how we are willing to change ourselves as individuals inside out.


OKAY STOP, WAIT!! You might be wondering as a reader, before I go gaga over that word again,  care to explain what it really means .


Sure, TED is acronym for Thermal Extraction Devices, it's an age old concept that's being given a modern attire. 

Remember how you we love it when you don't have to walk up to the kitchen, to know what's cooking and those lovely aromas, that were so eager to rush down your nose, have triggered enough olfactory response to be able to simulate that nostalgia and get your juices flowing. Getting you all charges up. That's the Power of Terpenes!


Now imagine you have ability to carry that kitchen anywhere you go, that can whip up those self curated aromas for you. All without the use of fancy electronics and virtually any heat source you could find your hands on. 

That is what sparked the mind of George Breiwa and led him on his journey onto making the Vapcap.. Sure he wasn't the only one, Like Newton and Einstein both found calculus being ages apart trying to figure out gravity, There were others which were busy building their own pocket cookers using all kinds and combination of materials they could get their hand on.


What set them apart was the age one the internet, that had brought them much closer than before.

And It was on these internet getaways like vapour asylum and fc forums, that the idea of TEDs got a whole new upgrade and now there would be an actual community to drive the concept forward.


Fast forwarding to today and here we are in the land of Ayurveda, place that has been the home and origin to many sacred plants and entities alike. And we are rushing to find cures that offer a cheap fix using industrial pharmaceuticals and drugs. A patch work that's bound to wear out so we can buy the next stronger painkiller, and not a cure .


Sure we have realized the power to change our chemistry, by the hands of these Alchemists, When we chose not to be our own that is. 

But why at the cost of a zero sum game. Where no one benefits from this game of cat and mouse.


Now, here is the actual reason, why I'm so thrilled to tell you,. that the power of the internet and your will, to take back the power into your own hands, will be the precursor in the right direction towards changing the world, a step a day, each day. 

One by one we shall lay the foundation of the new age, when each of us will be act alike, the cells or a body.


When you Choose to be a TED head, you are now the Alchemist, one who can alter your consciousness by choosing to curate your own chemistry.


By Choosing to not combust, we are choosing to accept only the right and not the wrong,  we are choosing to Set open the doors to a better much synergistic reality,


By choosing to TED you are letting go the idea that there shall be waste, that there shall not be piles upon piles of garbage, cause all it took, was an year for that fancy new toy of yours, to become non-functional, but something that shall stay with you forever, that there shall be a world where we will get back to embracing nature own harmony .


Cheers, To the many more reason I could have gone, telling you all day, that You Care when you TED.


But that's enough for the day. No Go Make the World, Your Day & Have Fun Caring !!


For more info on TEDs make sure to watch this video by Dynavap