About Us

Thermal Extraction can be a confusing hobby to take up, but Terpene Central’s team of dedicated thermal extraction-geeks can answer any question you may have, and can help you select the perfect device for your needs. From tiny stealthy portable devices to exotic wooden units and monstrous party pieces- from thick, dense clouds to light, fresh flavours- whatever your needs, we can help.

Right from day one, we've held firm to our original values. Terpene Central only stocks products that we have extensively tested and approved: if you can't find it here, there's probably a good reason! We take our job seriously, and treat our customers like our friends. If you have a problem, we'll solve it- every device comes with full warranty included, and our qualified technical staff handles repairs and servicing in our New Delhi service centre.

Feel free to pick up the phone or drop us a line- if I don't answer, one of my friendly and helpful team members will- and we'll get you kitted out and extracting up a storm in no time!

Happy Extraction- CaptainVapcap