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The Arizer Solo II is for anyone looking for a portable vape that produces exceptional, high-quality vapour, has a quick heat up time, a long battery life, and full digital temperature control at a fair price. It's ideal for use around the house or on outings where portability isn't a concern.

Great Steam

With its ceramic, stainless steel, and glass vapour path and glass mouthpiece, the Solo II maintains the original Solo's standard for sweet, cool vapour quality while on the road. The taste is pure, and the vapour is smooth and cold, as we've come to expect from Arizer vaporizers, with a clear airpath.

For cooler sessions through your favourite bubbler, check out the Solo 2 Water pipe Adapter.

Fast heat up time

The Solo II heats up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit in 23 seconds and reaches maximum temperature in less than 30 seconds. This is ideal for a fast session!

Long, long, battery life

With just under 3 hours of use, the Solo II offers one of the longest-lasting batteries we've tested in a portable vaporizer. 
This is roughly double the battery life of typical portable devices. 
If you neglect to charge your Solo II, it can be used while plugged in after only around 5 minutes of charging.

Full digital session control

Without the need for an app, the Solo II has an LED display with simple button controls to modify your vaporising technique and tailor your session. Full digital temperature control, an adjustable auto-shutoff timer, an adjustable beep notification, brightness adjustment, and a belt-clip carrying bag identical to the Arizer Air are all included.

Open airflow

For a little more airflow than the original, the Solo II comes standard with recessed heat jets in the heating chamber. With or without a grinder, the Solo II has a more powerful heater that can keep up with even the most intense inhales and offer constant heat.


Arizer created the Solo II with a thinner profile and an oval form that feels more smoother in the hand than the original Solo while maintaining the same level of durability. While not nearly as pocketable as the Firefly 2+ or a DaVinci, the supplied carrying case comes in handy when portability is a concern.


The Solo II comes with a 2-year workmanship and fault guarantee, an industry-leading 1-year battery warranty, and a lifetime heating element warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Cloud 9

I was initially skeptical about getting the solo having gone down a rabbit hole of YouTube reviews. But after chatting briefly with the support team at TC, I gave it a chance. It's been a week, and so far - it has been a winner. Good cloud density, great taste, and extremely easy to use.