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Boveda Size 4 protects your flower with the original terpene shield. Boveda is precise humidity control for flowers, which restores and maintains humidity to create a protective monolayer of water molecules over trichomes, so you can Save the Terps. Choose Size 4 Boveda for small jars and small bags. Experience for yourself how much better flower is with Boveda.

Boveda is a saltwater sachet that safely and precisely controls relative humidity in your cannabis container to prevent mold and maximize terpenes. Remove the pack from its cellophane to use. No need to open or tear the packs, and once they become fully dry and crispy, simply throw it in the trash. This little pack starts working as soon as you remove it from the cellophane and will dry up more quickly if you open your container frequently

Size 4-Protection for upto 14grams of dried flowers.

Customer Reviews

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Sri Ram
Great customer service, prompt delivery.

Highly recommend Terpene Central to anyone thinking of placing an order. I ordered some accessories for my mighty+ and they were delivered within 2 days. They have the best prices and the best selection of products.

Mind Blowing!! Try it to Believe it!!

Through initial impression, I was very skeptical about boveda packs. How can something this simple, make my herb more bio-available and thermal extraction friendly, but once I knew it got listed, had to give it a shot... Let me tell you the effects are mind blowing, it even brought life back into some of my old dry lavender race to life and seshable again :p.. also dropping a humidity monitor in the same jar was able to cross verify that the humidor was indeed working and the two way regulation, isn't a gimmick..
As I result, I'm ordering a dozen of these for storing and reviving all my assorted herbs.. can't ever go wrong with this!!