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The Cyclone Triple torch lighter by Vertigo features a large, clear fuel tank so you’ll always know how much fuel remains. The rounded design fits nicely in your hand while the dial on the base of the lighter easily adjusts the size of the flame with a quick turn. The wind resistant flame is capable of lighting at 12,000 feet. (3,657 meters). 7.9cm x 3.8cm x 2.5cm 

**This lighter ships empty**

*30 day warranty on torches*

*this torch is not compatible with 100ml clipper cans but the 550ml cans work perfectly fine

Customer Reviews

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Highly effective for M 2020

I'm a beginner, and I think the triple flame torch is super effective at heating up vapcap vaporisers.

What you need to keep in mind:
- It's MUCH hotter than a regular lighter, so keep the vapcap elevated a good 2 inches as you rotate it.
- It uses a lot of gas, and you need at least 10-20% fuel for any sort of flame. You might need to fill up as often as 2-3 days depending on your usage.
- It gets really hot. I set it down with the top cover open on a metal or stone surface before putting it in the carry pouch or my pocket.

I keep it adjusted at the lowest possible flame height where the flame is still steady and there's no sputtering even at lower fuel levels. The plastic adjuster screw at the bottom is fragile, so be careful about what you use to turn it. It might take some time and practice to find the right setting, but once you do, don't touch that dial. Just fuel up when it stops lighting up.

Overall, it's a great starter torch that makes using the Dynavap enjoyable. Like the vaporiser itself, it takes a bit of practice to get right. Works okay-ish with Clipper 550ml cans with some leakage. Needs a good 10 mins before you can use it again after refilling.

Can't go wrong with this!

This has been one of my initial purchases, the cyclone is a no fuss, pedal to the metal, torch.. with the triple flame is super easy to get consistent and full extractions with the least amount of effort.. the wider area of the flame provides more control unlike the fine tuning one needs with single flame... If you are starting out, there is a reason this torch is a companion to the starter kits.. cause its noob approved!! Another major perk is the tank size is pretty decent unlike alternatives and can last an extended session..