DynaVap: The “M ” Essentials Kit

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The “M” Beginner Kit
Do you want to enter the Dynaverse, but not sure where to start? Does the wide range of our
products seem a bit intimidating? Don’t worry, for the “M” Essentials Kit has come to the rescue!
The “M” Essentials Kit is a bundle of three of our flagship devices to help a newbie VaporENT get
started with the Dynaverse. We offer -

● The M: Made of medical-grade stainless steel and precision engineered to perfection, the
M is a nifty little thermal extraction device. Due to its modular build, you can quickly
disassemble it prior to travel, and easily assemble it later. The same feature makes it
simple to upgrade parts. With only a few practice sessions, you can get the  M
working perfectly. It is great for single sessions, or for small groups of upto 

● Single Flame Torch: With the guise of a futuristic rocket engine, the 
butane-jet torch. It is perfectly engineered so that each click is guaranteed to produce
the perfect flame. It comes equipped with a valve you can use to adjust flame height.
The torch has a jet to ensure even heating. You can easily
refill it at home using a clipper can
Choose from three torch options depending on your portability and tank size needs.
All torches have a 30 day warranty.


● The exotic wooden case: this is a premium-quality wooden case to hold your device or your roll.
It is made of sustainably sourced  exotic wood. Compartment
length is 102mm - perfect for your new M!

It also has a chamber for filling grinded herbs,just dip the tip in and twist the stem to load. 


The "M" ships in a plastic snap tube as of July 2023

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Kadhiravan Mohan

Amazing product