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 The Revolve Gen 2 is a thorough update to what was already the best in class; the Revolve Cooling Stem by MAD Heaters. Being the most versatile DynaVap stem on the market, the Revolve does what only the Revolve can do... Everything!

Ok not quite everything, it can't walk the dog or do the washing up but it can do almost everything that any other DynaVap stem can do... and then some! With the standard Draw Resistance Control (DRC) Airflow Tube it has three airflow options (Open, Bypass and Closed) which all perform very differently and provide the best cooling experience. Within these airflow options is further airflow adjustment, allowing you to fine tune the amount of air drawn into the stem on the Open and Bypass settings. 

Three other airflow adjustments can be made by switching the DRC tube with the Direct Air Tube! This allows for three further airflow settings (Direct Open, Direct Bypass and Direct Closed) which provide more direct vapor and more flavour, but also warmer vapor.  

Upgrades from the original Revolve Stem

The Revolve Gen 2 has a range of upgrades over the original which include... 

  • Improved finish and range of colours,
  • Upgraded tolerances (specifically glass)
  • Improved cooling with a redesigned Cooling Unit (CU) 
  • Addition of a secondary Cooling Unit in the mouthpiece
  • Improved lockable spinning mouthpiece
  • Upgraded laser cut Reclaim Filters
  • Easier setting adjustment/identification
  • As you can tell a lot of thought as gone into this design! 


What's included

  • Revolve Gen 2 Stem with DRC Airflow Tube
  • Secondary Cooling Unit
  • 3 x Filters
  • Set of Black and Set of Grey O-rings
  • Cleaning/Storage Tube
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • XL Vaphit Silver Collar (VSC) - Our gift to you for orders placed before Christmas day!
  • User Manual (PDF Download)



  • Customizable Cooling and Airflow
  • Adjustable Airport
  • Draw Resistance Control
  • Lockable Spinning Mouthpiece
  • Removable Reclaim Filter
  • 10mm Water-piece compatibility
  • Grade 5 Titanium, 18g, 81mm (XL size), 12mm ø


Additional Parts

Ported Glass Sleeves - These provide the best possible flavour profile from your Revolve Gen 2 with reducing the cooling over by the Titanium Sleeve. 

Ported Wood Sleeves - These are made from Maple with a Stainless Steel internal lining. The wood has an insulating effect which makes for warmer vapor than the alternatives. 

Revolve Direct Airflow Tube (Gen 2) The Direct Airflow Tube allows for three extra airflow options (described below) for extra customisation!

Revolve Mesh Filter (Gen 2) Particulate and reclaim filter screens to help keep your cooling spiral clean. 

Revolve O-ring Set Replacement O-rings! 


Now for the Instructions and diagrams... These can all be found on MAD Heaters Product Page. To avoid confusion these have not been altered! 


DRC Airflow Tube Options

Open - Fresh air is drawn into the Airport and through the center of the Cooling Unit before mixing with the vapor and passing over the Helix. 

Bypass - The air intake at the Airport is directed straight to the Mouthpiece for a blast of cool air that bypasses the Helix.

Closed - The Airport is closed. Not adding any fresh air will produce denser clouds while still cooling the vapor. Perfect for mouth-to-lung (MTL) use. 


Direct Airflow Tube Options

(Direct) Open - Fresh air is drawn around the Helix to cool the Sleeve and the Cooling Unit before mixing with the vapor which then travels through the centre. 

(Direct) Bypass - Air intake at the Airport is directed to the Mouthpiece for a blast of fresh air while the vapor heads through the centre. 

 (Direct) Closed - The Airport is closed for a hotter, more direct vapor experience. Perfect for mouth-to-lung (MTL) use. 


Adjustable Airport - The Key to a Tailor-made Experience

The fully adjustable airport can be used in the position of your chice while using the Open or Bypass airflow options. It's a good idea to try different settings until you find your favourite, then you can have repeatable consistent sessions. 


Lockable Spinning Mouthpiece

The Revolve is a breeze to use with a torch lighter thanks to it's built in smooth-spinning mouthpiece. If you want it fixed in position you can simply adjust the position of the o-ring inside! 


Reclaim Filter

The Revolve Gen 2 has a removable filter screen which catches particles and reclaim before it travels into the cooling spiral, reducing the need for regular full cleans. When the screen become blocked you can place the whole thing in the chamber for a little bonus!





Listing is for the Revolve stem only. Other parts are included for illustrative purposes only. A DynaVap Tip and Cap are required

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