Tempest-Dynavap System

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What would happen if somebody applied the “work smarter, not harder” philosophy to a thermal extraction device? Tempestous Haze did exactly that! And the result is their incredible flagship product -
the Tempest.
This device is like the Dynavap “M” on steroids. It offers all the features with none of the
clunkiness. It has a unibody design with a 7-fin tip for higher thermal mass (as compared to the
“M”). In layman terms, this means that the tip distributes heat more evenly. You consistently
get thick, puffy clouds while saving on lighter fuel. Due to the unibody build, you don’t need to
worry about O-rings and condensers anymore. This makes cleaning it hassle-free. And finally,
its simpler design means that the cost is less, which is why it’s much cheaper than the M. The
Tempest just makes life easier, in every sense of the word!
By default, the Tempest comes with a stainless steel mesh screen. You can easily upgrade it to
our custom built CCD. It’s also compatible with all Dynavap parts like the Stainless Steel Tip
and the Captive Cap.

And if the drab, gray coloured basic Tempest looks too boring to you, don’t worry. We also have
two alternative flavors for the device - the golden Bullion Tempest and the sleek & cool jet-black
Onyx Tempest. Do check out all of the available options before making your purchase.
Enter the Dynaverse on a budget - without missing any of our premium features!

Customer Reviews

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Easy to use and durable

Works great, seems durable enough to last a lifetime. Heats up pretty quick with a regular single flame torch lighter.

Recommend for those new to the dynavap system or those looking for an inexpensive yet effective vaping device.

Rishab Shankar